Water Damage Restoration

24/7 Dry Out for Water Damage Restoration

Regardless of where the water comes from, it goes everywhere. Water can travel through walls, into carpet padding, and under wood floors. If you have insurance, it’s your responsibility to contact a water damage restoration company as soon as the flood occurs. Royal Choice will work closely with your insurance company to minimize the headache of the claims process for you.

What to do:

  • Contact Royal Choice
  • Turn off the water at the source (we can walk you through it)
  • Save any furniture or valuables by moving them away from the water
  • Stay away from electrical appliances

Professional vs DIY

It’s critical that your water damage claim is documented correctly by a professional water damage restoration professional from the beginning, or your claim could be denied by your insurance. Shop vacs and towels are not water damage mitigation! Insurance companies are in the business of protecting their interests. This means sending a claims adjuster to decipher what they need to pay for, if anything. If you don’t have an expert on your side, you could lose a lot of money.


Floods can happen at any time, which is why we’re available when you need us. Call 24/7 for a free evaluation and consultation. We’re here to help.

Micro Cleaning

In the coastline, excessive humidity causes bad smell, mildew, mold, and proliferation of fungi and mites. Mildew often appears in walls, and it is only a fraction of the fungi existing in the house. Mold, on its turn, lives mainly in armoires and can cause attacks in people who suffer from respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, bronchitis, asthma, among others. Pillows, towels, and bed linens accumulate mites and retain humidity.

The higher the temperature, the greater the number of water molecules the air can hold. On the coastline air is able to pick up vapor from the sea surface. Not only do the exterior conditions play a factor in your home or business, but a faulty AC unit, or non operating AC unit can produce harmful conditions within 3 days.

Micro cleaning is a process where your entire home or office regains it’s pre-infected status of appearance, and air quality. In this process your humidity levels are brought back to normal. Contaminated areas are treated with an effective mildewicide, fungicide, and bactericide, which inhibits the spread of fungi and odor-causing bacteria. This produces dead cells which are removed through wet wiped extraction and HEPA vacuum extraction. Industrial air scrubbers will then be installed which will suck air into the unit first. The mold spores contained in the air are then pushed through a series of filters that trap and remove mold. The purified air is finally released back into the air.

Pricing: Requires in person assessment of area to be serviced. Call (386)216-5951