Commercial carpet

What’s important to our commercial carpet cleaning customers is that we get the job done well, quickly, and at a fair price. Often times we clean during business hours, but we’re also available after hours. Our commercial carpet cleaning process deodorizes, sanitizes, and deep cleans even the heaviest of traffic areas.

The encapsulation cleaning method, which is the most effective way to clean commercial carpets with zero downtime, is a “very low moisture” (VLM) system and recent breakthrough in cleaning technology. An encapsulating cleaning agent is applied, which is a solution that breaks the binding of soils to the carpet over a short period of time. Then with our VLM machine, which resembles a floor buffer, agitates the grease and dirt with a specially designed counter-rotating brush that soaks up the dirt and grease like tiny sponges.

What is Commercial Carpet? Click Here to Learn More!

Tile cleaning

A tiled floor can be one of the biggest sources of bacteria and allergens in a home or office. Soil and bacterias can get settled into grout in such a way that even daily mopping will not properly clean the floor. Even heavy duty cleaners can often only scratch the surface of the dirt and bacteria contained in your tile and grout.

Keeping bathroom and kitchen tile free of germs is critical to a clean and sanitzed environment. Many human borne bacteria find their way into the grout of tile floors and can be impossible to remove with surface cleaning. Royal Choice provides you with results that get you a cleaner, brighter tile and grout, and healthier environment. Click here to learn more!


While upholstery cleaning may seem like an unnecessary expense, avoiding the upkeep can cost more in the long run. Specifically, this routine maintenance helps furniture last longer so that you don’t have to worry about the cost of frequent replacement. Over time dirt, grime and spills can take their toll on upholstered surfaces, making them look tired and worn out. Deep cleaning will keep upholstery looking like new, and extend the life of the piece. Click Here to Learn More!


Wood, wood laminate, and luxury vinyl plankboard(LVP) can be cleaned and maintained regularly with neutral cleaners and even some household items such as apple cider vinegar. Over time, the floor will acquire a build up from these methods.

The Royal Choice Wood, Laminate, and LVP Deep Surface Cleaning Method is the best, Here’s Why!

The only way to remove the build up is to have it professionally serviced with the Royal Choice low moisture hard surface cleaning method! We have the proper deep cleaning equipment and method which is safe for your floors finish, as well as bringing back your floors shine and have them looking their best! Click Here to Learn More!


The CDC has released cleaning and disinfection guidelines for households and businesses in regards to COVID-19, which can be found here:

What we’ve done here on this page is condense some of the information presented by the CDC. We don’t claim to be health experts, but simply providers of disinfection services using methods provided by the CDC using EPA approved disinfectants. Continue to respect social distancing and wash your hands as a part of a unified approach to beating this pandemic and regaining normalcy. Click Here to Learn More!

24/7 Dry Out for Water Damage Restoration

Regardless of where the water comes from, it goes everywhere. Water can travel through walls, into carpet padding, and under wood floors. If you have insurance, it’s your responsibility to contact a water damage restoration company as soon as the flood occurs. Royal Choice will work closely with your insurance company to minimize the headache of the claims process for you.

It’s critical that your water damage claim is documented correctly by a professional water damage restoration professional from the beginning, or your claim could be denied by your insurance. Shop vacs and towels are not water damage mitigation! Insurance companies are in the business of protecting their interests. This means sending a claims adjuster to decipher what they need to pay for, if anything. If you don’t have an expert on your side, you could lose a lot of money. Click Here to Learn More!

Area Rugs, Oriental, Wool, Natural Fiber Rugs

All rugs are not the same! There are many different types of materials that are used to making rugs. The question is, do you know what type of material your rugs are made of, and how to keep them looking their best without damaging them? Be sure to check the care instructions on the rug’s tag for specific recommendations and then a Royal Choice professional.

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The Royal Choice carpet cleaning method is the best, here’s why.

We’re known for high-quality performance and attention to detail. Even if you have the best equipment or tools, it doesn’t mean anything without solid work ethic. So when you choose us, you can expect us to uphold the reputation we’ve gained through repeat business and five-star reviews by doing the job right. As far as the equipment we use, we’re at the forefront of advancements in the carpet cleaning industry. We have the latest in carpet cleaning systems that produce the cleaning results you have been searching for, and our system leaves your carpet dry very quickly, with most carpets dry within an hour!

The problem many carpet cleaning companies face is their machines aren’t strong enough, lack of agitation, or over wetting of carpets. This is where the ‘returning spots’ come from when you go with certain companies.

With the Royal Choice carpet cleaning method, our machines clean deep into the carpet fibers obliterating germs on contact. The cleaning agents we use are anti-bacterial and deodorizing which means your carpets are now fresh and clean! With our 1 hour dry time, your carpets will be dried quickly without the spots returning. There are no “phantom spots” returning after a few days. What you see at the end of our service is what you will continue to see because the carpets are almost completely dried when we leave your home or business.