Upholstery Cleaning

While upholstery cleaning may seem like an unnecessary expense, avoiding the upkeep can cost more in the long run. Specifically, this routine maintenance helps furniture last longer so that you don’t have to worry about the cost of frequent replacement. Over time dirt, grime and spills can take their toll on upholstered surfaces, making them look tired and worn out. Deep cleaning will keep upholstery looking like new, and extend the life of the piece.

When you get your couch cleaned you don’t want to have to deal with a wet couch or a pushy salesman. Our upholstery cleaning system is state of the art and our process is clear and transparent. The only effective way to clean your sofa, loveseat, or favorite recliner is with the right cleaning process which kills germs and has your fabric looking and smelling fresh again. Most of what gets trapped over time in the fabric of your furniture are grease and body oil. This is where the dirty look comes from as well as the odor. It takes the right process and cleaning solution to cut through the grease.

The Royal Choice upholstery cleaning method is the best, here’s why.

We believe everything you do in life should be done to your best ability and it’s that philosophy that we’ve built our business on. With Royal Choice you get big company confidence with family-owned service. Every couch, sectional sofa, loveseat, and chair should be cleaned the best way possible. The only way to give a great upholstery cleaning is to take your time, use every tool available, and use the right process. We’ve gained a reputation by treating people right and doing the best job we can. We’ve grown by maintaining these family-owned values so you can count on consistency in our customer service.